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Android Oreo is here: See how to get Android Oreo for your phone

Android Oreo Developer Preview was there for Google Nexus and Pixel devices since the Google I/O 2017 event. Today while the USA was witnessing the Total Solar Eclipse, Google has unveiled the Android Oreo public release. The Android Oreo for Nexus/Pixel devices are already available. But what about your device??

How to get Android Oreo
How to get Android Oreo

How to get Android Oreo for an Android Phone or Tablet??

Well, not every Android phone on the earth gets an update to the latest Android version released every year. But thanks to the Custom ROMs like: LineageOS, (and of course the developers porting this to various devices) because of which many old age Android phones are getting updated to the latest Android versions, which is simply awesome and unbelievable.

So, here are the few ways how your Android Phone can get an update to Android Oreo:

  • Custom ROMs: See the following list:
    Android Oreo AOSP ROMs
    LineageOS 15 Oreo ROMs
    AICP 13 Oreo ROMs
    and other Custom ROMs (I will add more into the list as more and more of them will be made available)
  • OFFICIAL OEM Updates: If your phone is new, then it is likely to get the official update from your OEM in another one year or soon. Yes, you read it right. It may take as long as a year or more.
  • No update at all: If your phone is much older to even recognize, then most likely no developer will be working on it and for you the latest Android will be something else than the Android Oreo. Yes, that’s your phone’s fate, not yours :). It says that it’s time to buy a new one ;).

If have not yet got the sweetest Android Oreo for your phone, then just comment here, and I will try to get it for you ;).

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This is Sibananda Sahu, a Software Engineer by profession. I have worked with few big companies, such as: BROADCOM Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor, LSI Corporation, TOSHIBA Corporation; on various cutting edge technologies and product lines, such as: RAID storage Driver, SSD Firmware, WLAN Firmware etc. Having more than 7 years of experience in Software Engineering domain and now contributing to the Custom ROMs community by bringing various Custom ROMs to the end users, developed by thousands of developers across the globe.


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